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Couples Counseling

Nurturing Connections Through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Relationships are intricate landscapes where emotions, expectations, and vulnerabilities intertwine. Each person brings a unique history into the partnership, shaping the dynamics.


At AQAL Therapies, we recognize the power of these histories and offer a transformative approach to couples therapy.

General Overview of Our Approach

  1. The Essence of ACT:

    • ACT is more than a therapeutic technique; it’s a philosophy of mindful living.

    • Rooted in mindfulness, values, and acceptance, ACT empowers individuals and couples to navigate emotional terrain with grace.

  2. ACT for Couples:

    • Our skilled therapists extend ACT’s principles to relationships.

    • By addressing maladaptive schemas—deep-seated beliefs—we help couples move beyond pain and build lasting connections.

  3. Understanding Relationship Schemas:

    • Schemas are like invisible scripts that influence how we perceive ourselves and our partners.

    • Common schemas include feelings of dependence, abandonment, and mistrust.

    • Identifying these patterns allows us to address them effectively.

  4. The ACT-Based Approach:

    • We draw inspiration from psychologists Avigail Lev and Matthew McKay.

    • Their schema-aware ACT approach helps couples break free from unhelpful patterns.

    • We explore defusion, self-as-context, and committed action to foster growth.

Our Eight-Step Protocol

  1. Identify Schemas:

    • Couples recognize recurring negative patterns.

    • Awareness is the first step toward change.

  2. Values Exploration:

    • Understand personal and shared values.

    • What truly matters to each partner?

  3. Barriers and Blocks:

    • Address cognitive and emotional barriers.

    • Uncover blind spots and automatic reactions.

  4. Values-Based Action:

    • Take intentional steps aligned with chosen values.

    • Move beyond fear and discomfort.

  5. Mindfulness Practices:

    • Cultivate present-moment awareness.

    • Mindfulness enhances connection.

  6. Defusion Techniques:

    • Detach from unhelpful thoughts.

    • Create space for healthier responses.

  7. Self-as-Context Perspective:

    • View thoughts as transient events.

    • Shift perspectives and increase empathy.

  8. Committed Action:

    • Act in ways that honor values.

    • Strengthen the relationship’s foundation.

Remember, healing is not about erasing scars but learning to dance with them. 

At AQAL Therapies, we’re here to guide your steps toward wholeness and well-being

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept insurance for couples counseling.


Rates are $150/hour session with a licensed clinician.

Rates are $60/hour with an intern therapist.

Please note that both interns here at AQAL Therapies have had training in couples counseling and are supervised by both the lead clinician (LMHC) and their respective program (RIC or JWU).  Both are in their final stage of gaining hours needed to gain their licensure.

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