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Here are just a few of the 150+ videos I have created over the years to support those I work with, their and my friends and family, and anyone else who happens to find this web page.  You can find all the rest here: YouTube



Don't have time to watch the videos?  Listen while on the road, walking, taking a shower, making dinner or any other place!

Technique Review

These are a few of the most common topics covered in session.  They are here for your review - or - if you don't work directly with me, they are here for your education and utilization. 

Defusion Tools

Defusion is the ability to be able to notice when a strong thought or emotion has taken control, it is a way to see that you are fused and reacting.  These skills are more useful once you have been able to develop a good mindfulness practice, so be sure to review those as well. 




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