Concierge Plans


If you plan on participating in the ILP Mindfulness group and are willing to commit to being there without interruption, then consider opting into the group subscription option below.  This will help save you money over the long run and even if you miss one, it will still not cost you any more then purchasing each session individually.


Not everyone has insurance plans, wants to use those insurance plans, or even if they do have a plan, the copay or deductible is so high that it makes little difference when it comes to making a decision.  Yet, you want to address a situation and you would like to work with me but, in seeing my rates, that too seems out of reach. 


However, if your truly willing and want to do the work, that is you KNOW you need to do this since what you have been doing is not working, here are some creative ways to get the service you need within the budget that you have.  (also - don't forget to look at the many ways you can supplement your investment here)

PLEASE NOTE: These passes/bundles expire at the end of each month regardless of whether you utilize them in full. 



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