3 Simple Goals of Therapy

Mental Health Counseling for Anxiety, Chronic Health and Couples.


Reduce the amount of suffering that you (your partner or family) has to deal with on a daily basis. 


Increased awareness with knowledge and skills so changes made are sustainable and adaptable  


A values-based framework which allows for a life that touches, moves and inspires you. 


Psychological Flexibility 

We have all, over time, developed ways to engage with the world, both internally and externally.  We established and adopted many of our rules and tools at a young age and adjusted as needed as we went along.

Yet, sometimes, while what we came up with once worked, as of late, these rules and tools are no longer providing the desired outcomes.  Circumstances have changed, are more complex, and we didn't notice.     

Should we continue, in the face of these new situations, to utilize the same approaches while expecting different outcomes, we become frustrated and anxious.  If we do this long enough, it will begin to seem hopeless.

Openness, awareness and values-based actions help to increase psychological flexibility so that it becomes possible to transition through such a stage.

Underlying Assumption

The underlying truth which is the foundation of the therapeutic approach at AQAL Therapies is the understanding that people are doing the best that they can, with the knowledge and skills that they have.  If there was any other better way that a person could have been, that would be the path that they would have taken

Once a person can grasp this underlying concept, it becomes possible to see our choices for what they were and what they are, allowing us us from freedom from the meaning we have added to it all without losing the wisdom gained in these experiences adding to psychological flexibility.    


Overall View

It is highly important to me that each person I work with is getting exactly what they need out of our work together. I try to find a balance of being both structured in the work that we do but also flexible to accommodate the changing needs of every individual client.  


I work with you to help you understand what you are thinking and feeling and reconnect you back to your body so that you can recognize emotions as they are happening and step away from them.  I also work with you to identify negative patterns - the rules and tools running in the background - that you have developed naturally over time.  Once we can see these aspects and reconnect, you can recognize their influence so that they no longer have the same effect.