Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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To Get The Most, Focus

Select this option if you are experiencing a situation where you find yourself in an unworkable pattern and feel "stuck", "overwhelmed", or "hopeless" and need some relief as soon as possible.


Focused Acceptance and Commitment therapy helps with management of distressing emotions, recurring thoughts, memories and symptoms such as low energy, anxiety and depression.

The basic way it works is learning how to deal with past hurts and difficult emotions in order to progress to a meaningful future. Most people who are struggling with their thoughts, feelings and emotions are usually using "helping techniques" that are not working.  Trying the same things, yet hoping for different results. 

In fACT, the focus is instead on living life in accordance with personal values, even if doing so produces symptoms. The goal is to help you exchange responses that aren’t working, and that often are producing paradoxically negative results, for workable behaviors.  This often occurs in less than 25 minutes. 


It is not unusual to walk away from a single session with an alternate set of responses that are workable, though it is not unusual for people to stay involved in treatment for 2-4 sessions to expand upon and reinforce newly learned concepts and skills.  Works equally as well via telehealth as in person.

$60 or Insurance Copay/Session. 

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