Couples Counseling

Becoming Better Together

Each person comes to the partnership with a set of unique unconscious expectations and often these are met, at least initially. Yet, we are all constantly changing and growing, and we do not always change in the same way or at the same time. 


We fall into patterns established early in our life and then over the course of our relationship.  In many ways, these behavioral patterns help to strengthen a relationship, but they can also present potential challenges where a couple will become stuck.  Think of that "thing" that has come up again and again.

If left unaddressed, these patterns can lead to communication difficulties, a lack of connection, and mistrust.  Illness, parenting strategies, and major life transitions can also impact a couples connections and behaviors. 

Through a process oriented approach, learn to identify your unconscious rules, values discrepancies, and automatic responses that lead to many of these issues so that you are aware of them and can find better ways to connect, align, and work through them.  

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration with the average couple completing 8 to 12 visits.  

$135/Session or Insurance Copay/Deductible

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