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Focused Session

Brief, but powerful assessment and intervention addressing an urgent challenge quickly in under 30 minutes and 1 to 2 visits.

Counseling Session

Typical assessment and intervention, taking a deeper dive and lasting up to 45 minutes implemented over 8 to 12 visits.

Couple Counseling

Process oriented service looking at communication issues and values discrepancies in 45-60 minute sessions over 8 to 12 visits.  

Release Unwanted Thoughts,

Make Room for Painful Sensations,

Gain Clarity Around Goals and Values

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Everybody Has That Something...

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No one likes to admit it, but we all have that something that we wish might somehow be different.

We wish we were better.  Wish we were more. Wish to be heard or seen.  Wish we could be free of some situation.

Yet, we often continue to do the same thing unless we come

across something or someone who shows us an alternative path, a different way.


That is what you will find here. 


Someone to help you challenge these notions, explore different avenues and discover new ways of being.


Mental Health Counseling for Anxiety, Chronic Health and Couples.


"I often feel overwhelmed with intense sensations and thoughts"

Become Resilient

Chronic Illness

" I am afraid and don't know what to do, what to ask, or who to lean on..."

Become Supported


" We feel alone, disconnected, misunderstood and frustrated..."

Become Connected

Mobile App

Simple Mobile App! 

I offer the Simple Practice mobile app with all those I work with which allows for:

  • Easy booking of appointments

  • Sending/receiving secure messages

  • Access to billing and documentation

  • Telehealth sessions

Allowing for both easy and flexible service! 

Application is free and sent in initial appointment link.

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