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Located in Providence, Rhode Island, AQAL Publishing was created to proudly publish groundbreaking and supportive work for independent authors who are integrally informed, that utilizes the basic tenants of Integral Theory in the creation of their works. 

The Team Positive approach addresses how to cope with a health condition and how those involved can receive and provide compassionate support. Whether you or a loved one is dealing with cancer, Crohn’s, diabetes, or any overwhelming health or mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, this book has been designed for you.

The book focuses on both the person dealing with the chronic illness as well as those in a supportive role, from a partner to a relative, a friend to a clinician. It describes how best to engage, what you can expect, and what to say and do along with what not to say or do.

This work is a compilation of approaches and experiences that have evolved in Todd Schmenk’s time as a helping professional, first as a Health Educator, then as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Many of the tools and approaches have been used in clinical sessions and even in Todd’s own family setting in dealing with a chronic illness. 



How to Build Support for Someone Dealing with Chronic Illness

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This is a newly formed publishing company.  If you are interested in taking advantage of our team of editors and illustrators, please feel free to send us a message below. 

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